My Latest Project by Braden Williams

My latest project is taking the Bennington Free Press, my college newspaper, from a 100% print based, monthly publication, to a 100% digital, online, publication using Wordpress as a backend. The BFP has been floundering for the past couple years, and needs a significant rejuvenation, so besides just bringing the paper online, we will also be significantly changing the goals of the paper. It should be an interesting six months to a year of work, that I'll be documenting on this blog as we go!

Deferral and Directions for this Blog by Braden Williams

So today I got deferred from Bennington early decision...no fun, not what I wanted to happen. I sulked for a couple of hours, but now I'm ready to start working on other supplements, write Bennington a letter, and start crossing my fingers. Anyway...I thought I'd write a bit about what I want to do with this blog. I have a lot of random thoughts, ideas, problems, and general shit I need to get out of my head and on paper. I'm going to try to use this blog to get those thoughts on paper, and out there. If anything I write about pisses you off...then go away, I'm using this format first as a tool to process my life, and second to share my life with other people, so the first one always comes first.

I've found myself writing on here mostly when I'm procrastinating from doing other work, so we'll see how this writing almost every night holds up over christmas break.

Daniel Pearl and I by Braden Williams

Back in second grade, right after 9/11, I had an assignment, I don't remember what the assignment was, but it was some sort of current events thing. All I remember is the photograph above, and the basic story, a kidnapped journalist, who has a wife and child at home. This memory stuck with me for a while, and it wasn't until recently that I decided that tracking down who it was, it turned out to be Daniel Pearl, was something worthwhile. I find this really interesting, way back when I was 7 years old, the article I happened to pick out of the paper for a current events assignment, was one about a captured war correspondent. I probably over-emphasize this, but, I think it's telling about my current career aspirations, and it's interesting that I don't really know where this interest comes from, even before this assignment. I don't really know where this post is going, I just thought that if nothing more than coincidental that it was interesting.