A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words / by Braden Williams

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

The first time that I heard that phrase was during a lower school assembly where Mr. Jelinek(that is undoubtedly spelt wrong) was presenting to us on some sort of art. I remember looking at this asian painting he was showing us and thinking about the idea of fitting words into the painting, a very physical representation of this idea; I didn't really understand what it really meant at the time, but this idea of a physical representation of the thousand words in a picture is still really interesting to me. But I digress, this idea of a picture being worth a thousand words has been a significant driver in my pursuit of art. Collegiate has instilled in me a very serious sense of the importance of the written word, and this conversion of sorts between pictures and words has helped me understand the significance of pictures. As I was thinking about writing this post I realized the deeper implications of this saying, at least for myself, and that is that Images evoke feeling that causes you to think while words evoke thought that helps you to feel.*

When I go and look at what are generally agreed to be the 'best' photographs so far, especially in the context of photojournalism, these images are the ones that evoke the most feelings, that 'pull at your heart strings', not neccessarily the most technically correct photos, or the most perfectly composed, or the photo that is full of information ripe for the picking. It's the photos that evoke an instant viceral reaction. This idea of photographs pulling at emotions is interesting, it inherintly puts a photojournalist who believes this exposed to a lot of emotion creating images, and that can have a significant effect on oneself. Anyway, this concept of photographs as an emotional tool needs some in the field exploring, I'll probably write another post about this concept in the ne

*I'm not quite sure about the final quarter of that statement, but saying something inverted like that sounds cool, so I'm going to run with it.